Stone Age 1st Compilation Album 「時代」 Launch Release Event

We have started “Stone age Tokyo” as a label with the brew of “Stone Age”.

The event that has been held regularly every other month since 2018. On the 25th of this month, we will release our 1st Compilation Album/Zine “時代”. On the 25th, it will be distributed on Stone age Tokyo’s Twich Channel and Facebook live, and also on the 25th, we will have a special event on the same day. We will be holding a real-life launch event at Shibuya Gallery Conceal, which will serve as our distribution venue.

The Zine is a compilation of photos taken by Crew member and photographer Tadashi Onishi that link the air of Tokyo and Stone Age since 2018, and the music of artists from Tokyo and around the world who have joined us for this event.

This is a new stage that has just begun. We hope you will support us.

2018年から偶数隔月で定期開催してきたイベント”Stone Age”のCrewでレーベルとして”Stone Age Tokyo”として始動しました。今月25日に1st Compilation Album/ZINE「時代」をリリースします。

25日はStone Age TokyoのTwich ChannelそしてFacebook Liveにて配信イベントかつ
配信会場として協力いただく渋谷Gallery ConcealにてリアルでもLaunch Eventを開催します。

Crewメンバーの写真家大西正さんの撮りためてきてくれた2018年からの東京の路上の空気とStone Ageの空気とリンクする写真をコンパイルしたZINEと、今回のタイミングで参加してくれた東京始め世界のアーティスト達の音楽との共演は我々の毎回のイベントを象徴しつつも別の体験を与えてくれるものに仕上がっています。



On Facebook live and Stone Age Tokyo Twich Channel
@Gallery Conceal Shibuya
2020.Oct.25th 15:30~19:30 in Japan Time

Entrance Free

-Streaming Room-
16:00~16:20 Velvetian Sky from Marseille,France
16:30~16:50 Avila Santo from LA,US
17:00~17:20 Aragaki Mutsumi from Okinawa,Japan
17:30~17:50 Sage Morei from Berlin,Germany
18:00~18:20 Yuichi Nishikawa from Matsudo,Japan
18:30~18:50 Stone Age
19:00~19:20 Thanart Rasanon from Bangkok

Feel free to enter this streaming room

YANAPHY 15:30~16:30
EDA 16:30~17:30
Botchy Botchy 17:30~18:30
ASAHI 18:30~19:30


Stone Age Tokyo 1st Compilation Album /w Zine by Tadashi Onishi

01.Birth, creation of fire
– Velvetian Sky (France,Marseille)
02.Stone Age
– Sage Morei feat. EMB (Germany,Berlin/Japan,Tokyo)
03. Sphere
– Avila Santo (US,LA)
04.Rain Angel
– Isg (Japan,Yokosuka)
– Aqui Dela (Japan)
06.Utopia we make
– 4ce Finger and Kool Ray (Japan,Sapporo/Tokyo)
07.Ma Medi
– Tatsuro EMB Nakamura (Japan,Tokyo)
08.Too Much Love
– Aragaki Mutsumi (Japan,Okinawa)
– Thanart Rasanon (Thailand,Bangkok)
– Yuichi Nishikawa (Japan,Matsudo)
11.Soundtrack from FOTO ATTITUDE
ブラームス 弦楽六重奏 第一番 変ロ長調 作品18 
演奏 桑原真里音 String Sextet NO1, B-flat major OP18
Jhanns Brahms music Mario Kuwahara


Tadashi Onishi
-Born in 1973 Tokyo, Japan. Photographing the cityscape and street life combined with social nature to find common ground between the street and documentary photography in Tokyo. A member of “VoidTokyo”. Stoneage crew.

Velvetian Sky
– A French producer and founder of the label Fada Records.
He dedicates his time creating, collaborating with friends and traveling.
His particular approach to music is inspired by jazz, love and experimentation.

Soundcloud: Velvetian Sky

Sage Morei
– a sojourner and musician, among other things. drawing inspiration from a multitude of voyages meeting with both skylines and tribal cultures, his sound is best described as ethno-futuristic rock music. creator at Horizon Lab during the day, sage is on the constant lookout for uncharted territory in music and film, often creating one for the other. catch his Live Stream on Twitch, his music and his videos on all major platforms.

Youtube: Sage Morei – Ivory Black (Official Music Video)

Avila Santo
– A percussionist, martial artist, educator and multi media artist based in Los Angeles, California. Born to Candomblé and Jewish parents Avila’s work and identity is in conversation with diasporic peoples and cultures. Avila’s career has traversed across the globe from Barrow, Alaska to Dakar, Senegal. His three albums (The Adventures of Wallace Liberachi, omnipresence and MAZE) focus on themes of modern griot, black empowerment, diasporic consciousness and reparations while critiquing economic oppression, racism and sexism, to name a few. He graduated from the Berklee College of Music with Deans List honors and an emphasis on Latin Percussion. Avila is the creator of the ‘Soundscape Lab’ which was recognized by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs’ AIR grant, and is currently an artist in residency at ZEAL Studios in Inglewood, California.

Soundcloud: Avila Santo

– DJ/Producer/Yokosuka,Japan

Aqui Dela
-Beatmaker/Label manager/C3 LAB/Japan
He has contributed tracks to various international label compilations, including West Coast cassette tape label fuzzoscorp, and is currently working on an in store event for LA’s prestigious fatbeats label in the fall of 2019, as well as providing mixes for London’s popular music radio station NTSradio. He is currently working as a producer and DJ.

Soundcloud: C3 LAB

4ce Finger

Soundcloud: 4CE FINGER

Kool Ray

Soundcloud: / ryotamiyazaki

Aragaki Mutsumi
Okinawan classic vocal, vocal, sanshin, electronics, audio-visual, soundscapes, photos, paintings.She progressively integrates the deep groove and soul of Okinawan traditional music with contemporary sounds and visuals, and she creates unique avant-garde music. She is a second-generation pupil of Okinawan music maestros Fukuhara Chouki and Fukuhara Kyouko. She has just released her solo album “Another World Of Okinawan Music”. She performs by herself traditional music with electronics, and also performs with a Jazz band.

Webisite: Aragaki Mutsumi

Thanart Rasanon, aka Pete,
– A Bangkok born music producer. He has deep interests in art, culture, nature, psyche, social interaction, politics, new technology, and history. Additionally, He is always excited to collaborate with others and work in multi-disciplinary mediums. Currently, run “blozxom”, a project that exchanges and introduces friends from different towns in the world who create fascinating, charming or innovative things in music, art and culture.

Soundcloud: Thanart Rasanon

Yuichi Nishikawa a.k.a SYLIANRUE
-His music is a blend of analog and digital with a Japanese feel. His activities are wide-ranging, including 7-hour long sessions, spellbinding projects with dancers, providing music for performing arts and artists, and PA work. Performances:. SYLIANRUE planned and organized “Designing the Margins Vol. 02” (Hot Buttered Club, Shibuya, 2015) SYLIANRUE planned and organized “Designing the Margins Vol. 01” (Chiba, FANCLUB 2015) Performed in the art festival “New Mad Paradise” organized by Machizu Creative (Chiba 2015) Japan Foundation New Delhi (Japan Foundation New Delhi Chapter) “Meditation” (w/ Eriko Maeno) Music provided/performed (New Delhi, India 2014) Memory’s collection of fairy tales “Utopia” (music provided by PA (Tokyo, 2013) Nagai Misato / AAPA / Shozo Suzuki “The Sky Approaches” (Tokyo, 2011)

Soundcloud: Yuichi Nishikawa (SYLIANRUE)

Kuwahara Mario
– Sax player/Producer/Okinawa,Japan

Spotify: South Song – Kuwahara Mario